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LIÚ, Yung Jen 劉永仁



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Public Art in Milan

Published by Artist Magazine and Jilin Science Publishing House 2002.1

書衣(外框)_工作區域 1 拷貝.jpg

The Arc From Afar: Liù Yung-Jen Solo Exhibition

Published by Dimensions Art Center 2022.01 


Between Divergence and Convergence

Published by Wistaria Tea House 2021.04 


A Practitioner of Time: Liù Yung-Jen 

Published by Chini Gallery 2020.06 


Liù Yung-Jen Solo Exhibition: Breathing as Time and Space

Published by YX Art Space 2019.11 


Liù Yung-Jen Solo Exhibition,

Deep Breathing Field

Published by Powen Gallery 2018.4


Liù Yung-Jen --Infinite Crystallization

Published by Main Trend Gallery 2017.1

Liù Yung-Jen Solo Exhibition:

Since 1991-Present

Published by Da xiang art space 2015.1

The Locus of Breathing - Between Art and Curating

Published by Artist Magazine. 2014. 3

Liù Yung-Jen

The Alchemy of Breathing 

Published by Moon 12 Art 2013.10

Liù Yung-Jen Solo Exhibition

Published by Vanung University Art & Culture Center 2010.4

Liù Yung-Jen 

─ Between the Deep Breaths of an Artist

Published by Nan Gallery 2007.10

Taiwan Modern Art Series --Abstract Composition Paintings

Curated by Council for Cultural Affairs(Ministry of Culture) ,Published by Artist Magazine 2004. 12

Lucio Fontana ─Concetto Spaziale

Published by Artist Magazine 2003.2

Lucio Fontana

Published by HeBei Education Publishing House 2005.11

Artists' Astonishing Viewfinder

Published by Ministry of Education Children's Literature Publishing Budget Management Committee 2001

Liù Yung-Jen ─ Walled Mind 

Published by Dimension Endowment of Art 1999.7

Lo Stile Del Mobile Italiano

Published by Artist Magazine 1998.4

Public Art in Milan

Series curated by Council for Cultural Affairs(Ministry of Culture) ,

Published by Artist Magazine 1997.2

Liù Yung-Jen ─ Profound Multiplied by Respiration

Published by Dimension Endowment of Art 1996.8

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